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Stop the Impaired driving

Every month there are around 100 Canadians are killed and more than 4000 are injured in a DUI-related car accident. It is estimated that more than 50% of fatal road accidents involve impaired driving. The growing concern is that the number of positive tests for cannabis or drugs now exceeds the positive alcohol tests in crashes with human casualties.

Consuming even small portions of alcohol, cannabis, or drugs impairs one’s ability to drive by:

  1. Reducing one’s reaction time,
  2. Affecting one’s coordination and motor skills,
  3. Reducing concentration and slowing one’s decision-making ability,
  4. Increasing risk-taking behaviors such as speeding or failing to wear a seatbelt,
  5. Making it difficult to follow the road and drive at a constant trajectory and speed.

Alcohol, cannabis, or drug-influenced driving is a serious criminal misdemeanor in Nova Scotia. Operating a motor vehicle with more than 0.05 blood alcohol content and being arrested would cause a driver’s license suspension and serious fines.

Nova Scotia’s penalties breakdown:

1st-time offense:

2nd-time offense, within a 10-year period:

3rd-time offense, within a 10-year period:

4th-time offense, within a 10-year period:

Canadian residents and international students

Under Bill C-46 impaired driving offenses are considered “serious criminality” and may lead to the revocation of permanent residency, study or work permit status, and deportation from Canada.

Driving record

An impaired driving record stays in your driver's abstract permanently and can cause employment loss and will definitely complicate getting a job involving operating a vehicle.


In addition to the negative consequences of impaired driving that were mentioned above, the costs of vehicle insurance will go up. In some cases, it may cause one’s current policy to be canceled and there will be a need to get a new insurance quote. There are not too many companies on the market that can offer such services and the premiums are likely to be expensive.

Please, never drive in an impaired condition. Make a reservation and a professional driver “wheel” take you home.

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